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Captain Tim Connolly

I am writing to you today to let you know about all the great work, our friend, Captain Tim Connolly of the Boston Police Department has done to support our community, both professionally and personally. I met Captain Tim several years ago. He was then the commander of Boston Police District C-11, which serves our community in Dorchester. We met at a Vietnamese restaurant in Dorchester, where I watched Tim's ability to use chopsticks and his appetite for Pho. All of the Cong Dong leaders were present at the meeting. Tim asked us what 3 things he can help Cong Dong with. We informed him of the expenses of Tet Boston, and the Tet Boston night concert due to our event relocation to Randolph. Tim promised to bring both the Tet Festival and the night concert back to Dorchester. Next, we asked him if he can help us with the Little Saigon Cultural District. He promised he would.  I wasn't sure if this was just lip service since we had never met and he promised us a lot.

Within a few weeks, Tim got back to us.  He informed us that he had spoken with Boston College High School and they were more than happy to support the Boston Tet Festival. Tim had even more good news. He informed us that Boston College High School wanted to donate their facility for the 2017 Tet festival. I, we, thought, Tim seems to be more than just lip service to our community, what a welcomed relief. It appeared that Cong Dong now had the support of a leader who actually cared about our community. Tim called me within another few weeks and informed me/us that Cong Dong's night concert would be located at the IBEW hall on Freeport St.  He told us that the IBEW wanted to support our 2017 Tet festival by donating their facility to the event. It looks like Tim is a man of his word, I thought.  

Throughout his tenure as the Boston Police Captain of Dorchester's District C-11, we relied on Captain Tim to watch out for our community.  He did exactly that. Captain Tim provided our seniors with a summer, lunch, boat cruise, where several hundred of Dorchester's senior citizens enjoyed a day relaxing, and creating memories of Boston from its beautiful harbor.  At Christmas, Cong Dong helped Captain Tim with his Christmas party, where several hundred needy children received toys.  I noticed that with Captain Tim at the helm, our community was well represented and our needy children received toys and were able to have a merrier Christmas because of him. 

Whenever we asked Captain Tim to come to a Community event, he never let us down. As our relationship with Tim grew closer, he would inspire our community through speeches written specifically for our events. He spoke on leadership to our community's emerging leaders at the NEIVSA Empowerment Summit in Rhode Island. Wowing the crowd with his leadership style.  Captain Tim testified on our behalf to Massachusetts Senators and State Representatives to impress upon them how important our flag is to us and what it means to our heritage. Captain Tim's speech was so powerful he got a standing ovation when he finished.  When Cong Dong left the State House that day last April, we all knew Captain Tim's speech will tip the votes in our favor, and a bill will be passed to have our flag recognized within Massachusetts as our heritage flag.

Captain Tim donated his personal time to be on many of our committees to ensure we are represented and to offer guidance and support. Tim drove from Cape Cod to help Cong Dong set up a few of our community events.  You may have seen the Captain bartending or driving Cong Dong's float in the Dorchester Day Parade. Perhaps you saw him supporting us on April 30, at Boston City Hall Plaza, standing with us when we remembered our past.

What you might not know about Captain Tim is he traveled to Vietnam with our Community members to help the victims of a horrific typhoon, where over 200 lives were lost. Captain Tim worked 14 hours a day, giving our brothers and sisters, sons and daughters relief through food, money, and clothing. Not only did Tim Travel to Vietnam, but he also got us the venue for free, and sponsored the event to raise $50,000.00 to bring to Vietnam.

Captain Tim Connolly is now working with the Boston Police Department in a Homeland Security position, but he continues to be our friend and supporter of Cong Dong. He was a core organizer of the Harvest Moon Festival in Randolph. Currently, Captain Tim is helping our Community with our Little Saigon Cultural Initiative and he will testify representing Cong Dong to Boston City Council on our behalf in October 2019.

I have seen many faces of Captain Tim.  I have come to know him in his personal life as well as his professional life. I have seen him through personal adversity when things looked hopeless. I have watched and learned from his leadership on how to persevere when things look too arduous and unsurmountable to accomplish.  I’ve come to appreciate that Captain Tim always helps people no matter what the cost.  I am proud to call Captain Tim Connolly not only a Cong Dong supporter, but my good friend. 

Khang Nguyen

Internal Vice President

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